United States Federal Circuit and District of Columbia Circuit Courts

The United States Court of Appeals for the Federal and District of Columbia Circuit are federal courts with appellate jurisdiction over certain federal courts and district courts in the following states and territories:

 District of Columbia

Court of Appeals

The 94 U.S. judicial districts are organized into 12 regional circuits, each of which has a United States Court of Appeals. This court hears appeals from the district courts located within its circuit and appeals from decisions of federal administrative agencies. In addition, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has nationwide jurisdiction to hear appeals in specialized cases, such as those involving patent laws and cases decided by the Court of International Trade and the Court of Federal Claims.

JudgeCourtCommissionRace / EthnicityStatusGender
Jimmie V. ReynaFederal Circuit4/5/2011Hispanic/LatinxActiveMale
Kara Farnandez StollFederal Circuit7/8/2015Hispanic/LatinxActiveFemale
Raymond T. ChenFederal Circuit8/2/2013Asian-American/Pacific IslandersActiveMale

JudgeCourtCommissionRace / EthnicityStatusGender
Harry EdwardsDC Circuit2/20/1980African-AmericanSenior Status
Janice Rogers BrownDC Circuit6/10/2005African-AmericanTerminated/Retired
Judith W. RogersDC Circuit3/11/1994African-AmericanActiveFemale
Neomi Jehangir RaoDC Circuit3/18/2019Asian-American/Pacific IslandersActiveFemale
Robert L. WilkinsDC Circuit1/15/2014African-AmericanActiveMale
Sri SrinivasanDC Circuit5/24/2013Asian-American/Pacific IslandersActiveMale

District Courts

The United States District Courts are the trial courts of the federal court system. Within limits set by Congress and the Constitution, the District Courts have jurisdiction to hear nearly all categories of federal cases, including both civil and criminal matters.

There are 94 federal district courts, including at least one district court in each state, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Three territories of the United States—the Virgin Islands, Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands—have District Courts that hear federal cases, including bankruptcy cases.


JudgeCourtCommissionRace / EthnicityStatusGender
Amit Priyavadan MehtaDistrict of Columbia12/19/2014Asian-American/Pacific IslandersActiveMale
Christopher R. CooperDistrict of Columbia3/28/2014African-AmericanActiveMale
Emmet G. SullivanDistrict of Columbia6/16/1994African-AmericanActiveMale
Henry Harold Kennedy, Jr.District of Columbia9/18/1997African-AmericanSenior Status
Ketanji Brown JacksonDistrict of Columbia3/26/2013African-AmericanActiveFemale
Reggie B. WaltonDistrict of Columbia9/24/2001African-AmericanSenior Status
Richard W. RobertsDistrict of Columbia6/23/1998African-AmericanSenior Status
Rudolph ContrerasDistrict of Columbia3/23/2012Hispanic/LatinxActiveMale
Tanya S. ChutkanDistrict of Columbia6/5/2014African-AmericanActiveFemale


CD - Central DistrictED - Eastern DistrictMD - Middle DistrictND - Northern DistrictSD - Southern District
WD - Western District± LGBTQ+*** Current Chief Judge

Data is based on information collected through May 7, 2020.

Active Article III Judges

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