Sources of Success™ Program

Congratulations to our 2024 Sources of Success Cohort!

The Sources of Success Program (the “Program”) is a highly competitive professional development program for high potential talent from corporate legal departments and law firms who identify as mid-career attorneys. Each year, the curriculum evolves to address the needs of the cohort to excel as leaders within their own organizations. A few focus areas have included an individual leadership assessment, development, and a professional strategic plan, which will continue supporting their ascend into leadership roles.


The Program combines courses that span client development, executive presence, organizational leadership, strategic career management, increasing influence and credibility, effective communication strategies as well as group and individual coaching. SOS participants will also engage with leaders from major companies in various industries as panel participants and mentors.

  • Your law firm or legal department must be an MCCA member.
  • You must be an attorney with at least seven years of experience practicing the law.
  • Diverse attorneys (underrepresented racial/ethnic groups, women, LGBTQ+ and attorneys with disabilities) are encouraged to apply. Underrepresented racial/ethnic group is defined as African American/Black, Asian American/Pacific Islander, Hispanic/Latinx, Native American/Indigenous, and Multiracial.

The success of the Program depends on the commitment that each participant makes to the Program. If accepted, you must be completely free of professional duties during the scheduled in-person sessions and activities. Failure to attend a mandatory session will result in the participant’s removal from the Program.


The following three documents are required to be submitted as part of the application. MCCA encourages you to complete them before starting the application. You will be able to upload them directly to the application. Please use the following format for all files: First Last_Document Title (ex: Jane Doe_Personal Statement).

Personal Statement
Your statement should describe succinctly your reasons for applying to the Program, why the Program is a good fit for you, your future plans, your direct supervisor’s support of your application, and other information that would help the selection committee in evaluating your application.

Recommendation Letter
The recommendation letter should be from your immediate supervisor or manager that directly addresses your suitability for the Program, acknowledges the time commitment required to attend the program sessions, and their support of your participation in the Program.

Employer Support Acknowledgment Form (Click here to download the Employer Support Form)
This form indicates that your employer is aware of your interest in applying to the Program, acknowledges the time commitment required to attend the program sessions throughout the year, their support of your time-off and financial sponsorship to attend the Program, and acknowledgement that MCCA will not reimburse these costs (specifically, hotel and travel costs). 


How many participants are selected for the program?

We select between 25-30 applicants to participate every cycle. It is a very competitive program, and we limit the number to create a collaborative and engaging environment.

Can an organization have more than one applicant for the SOS program?

Yes, we do not set a capacity on how many attorneys can participate from the same organization.

Are the minimum experience requirements flexible?

Unfortunately, they are not.

What are the dates and locations of the SOS Quarterly Meetings?

Our dates and locations for SOS Quarterly Meetings are determined once the cohort has been selected as we take into consideration the locations that work for most participants. Past session locations have included NYC, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Miami, and Washington D.C.

How long are the quarterly meetings?

Quarterly meetings usually take place over the span of 2 days. On Day 1, MCCA will host a dinner for all SOS participants and Day 2 consists of a full business day (8am – 6pm) of programming. Participants are then welcomed to schedule arrangements for travel back home. For example, participants can fly in on Day 1 to attend the evening dinner and fly out after programming on Day 2 or the following morning.

What is the approximate cost for Quarterly Meetings?

There is no cost for participating in the program; however, MCCA does not pay for travel including hotel, airfare, or meal per diems. We do cover the costs for the scheduled dinner and breakfast and lunch on Day 2. MCCA will also pay for all speaker fees, program materials, and coaches.

What does the curriculum for SOS Meetings consist of?

Our curriculum for SOS is personalized to the needs of each cohort and the topics vary year to year, so we do not set them until the cohort is confirmed.

What is the time commitment participants must be prepared to make?

Outside of attending the quarterly in-person session meetings, the time commitment is minimal. Some meetings will have reading material consisting of articles that should not take longer than 1 hour to read through. Participants may also attend virtual networking sessions once a quarter as well.

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