Organizations wishing to support our pipeline and the LMJ Scholarship can do so by:

Funding a scholarship student;

Offering an internship to a scholarship student; or

Mentoring a scholarship student during their three years of law school.

Donations to the LMJ Scholarship are encouraged at the following levels:

$10,000 to support an aspiring diverse lawyer for their first year of law school; or

$30,000 to support an aspiring lawyer for three years of law school.

Sponsoring organizations benefit from the fresh perspectives, drive, and energy of their Fellows while enjoying the following recognition:

Fellows are named for the sponsoring organization (e.g. The ABC Corporation Fellow).

Sponsoring organizations are recognized at MCCA’s annual New York gala dinner, before an audience of more than 1,100 attendees, and at select MCCA events throughout the year.

Sponsoring organizations are featured in all Fellowship-related press releases.

Sponsoring organizations’ names are sent, with Fellowship promotional materials, to every ABA-accredited law school in the country.

Sponsoring organizations are listed on the Law School Admissions Council website in connection with LSAC’s promotion of the MCCA LMJ Scholarship.

Sponsoring organizations are listed on MCCA’s website.

To learn more, please email

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