The MCCA Secondment Program is an effective way for corporate law departments to promote diverse attorneys within law firms, maximize their chances of becoming an equity partner, and deepen existing relationships with outside counsel.  Corporate law departments can partner with outside counsel firms for a firm attorney to be temporarily “loaned” on-site to the client’s corporate law department for a defined period.

Benefits to the client:
  • An effective way to promote diverse attorneys within large law firms by providing access to your department and lines of business.
  • Access to reliable, quality legal services at no to low cost from a law firm it trusts.
  • Flexible timing can help corporate law departments deal with expected or unexpected gaps in staffing.
  • Develop meaningful relationships and serve as an ally that will continue to support the firm attorney’s professional development and potential promotion upon reentry to their law firms.
Benefits to the law firm:
  • Secondment experience helps deepen the firm’s relationship with the client, learning about the company culture, business strategies, risk tolerance, and department processes.
  • Secondee will gain legal and business experience that enhances their ability to provide solutions to the client.
  • This is a great way to demonstrate the firm’s commitment to the diverse attorney by investing in the attorney’s future within and outside of the firm.
How will it work?

MCCA will be the clearinghouse for both secondment opportunities and law firm applicants.  Initially, both corporate law departments and law firms will submit their materials to MCCA.  Upon receipt of the law firm’s materials, MCCA will sort and forward qualified applicants to corporate law departments, at which time they can interview applicants.

Please review the general terms of secondment listed below and be prepared to discuss your thoughts, concerns, and insight.

General Terms of Secondment for Corporate Counsel
General Terms of Secondment for Law Firm Counsel

What’s the cost?

The costs will be determined prior to engagement on a case-by-case basis depending on the firm, client and length of engagement.  Generally, participating firms will loan an attorney for three to six months with minimal cost to the corporate law department.  If it is determined that there is no cost for the three to six month engagement, any time exceeding this period, the client and law firm will agree to a fee arrangement to be discussed at the appropriate time prior to the expiration of the engagement.

Currently, the Program is an MCCA member benefit and only those who are MCCA members at the time of the application are eligible.  Please click below to verify if your organization is an MCCA member:

MCCA Corporate Members
MCCA Law Firm Members

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