2022 MCCA Fortune 1000 GC Survey

MCCA is proud to present the 22nd edition of our annual General Counsel Survey where we track and analyze the representation of women and historically underrepresented racial/ethnic General Counsel (GCs) in the Fortune 1000.  

Consistent with previous editions of this report, underrepresented racial/ethnic group is defined as African American/Black, Asian American/Pacific Islander, Hispanic/Latinx, Native American/Indigenous, and Multiracial. 

In 2021, there was an increase in the proportion of underrepresented General Counsels (GCs) within the Fortune 1000, as female GCs increased by 11% and GCs from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups increased by 21% relative to the prior year. 

Despite this progress, White/Caucasian and Male attorneys continued to be overrepresented in the Fortune 1000 population in the past year. General Counsels from underrepresented racial/ethnic groups have increased in representation on average, but the increases have been uneven as Hispanic/Latinx GCs continued to be one of the most underrepresented racial/ethnic groups.

Furthermore, it should be noted that while higher proportions of established Fortune 1000 companies are making changes to Female Attorneys or Attorneys from Underrepresented Racial/Ethnic groups with the opportunity to do so, there remained a great deal of missed opportunity for change toward better representation, particularly when companies were given the opportunity to find GCs from underrepresented racial/ethnic groups.

There remains progress to be made in the coming years, particularly as these companies are given opportunities to change their GC’s, as these companies move towards increased gender and racial/ethnic equity in their GC populations.

*The Fortune 1000 GC Survey report with the GC list is available upon request.

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MCCA Fortune 1000 GC Survey reports

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