The Global Law Firm Diversity Survey (“Global Survey”) closed on June 24, 2022. If your firm would like to participate in 2023, please submit your points of contact.

We thank all the law firms, both large and small, that participated this year to help us measure and track diversity progress in the legal industry. The Global Law Firm Diversity Survey (“Global Survey”) closed on June 24, 2022. MCCA and Nokia together launched the Global Law Firm Diversity Survey, a first-of-its-kind international survey designed to measure how well law firms hire and promote diverse attorneys over time and hold them accountable. 

The Global Survey comes at a time when business operations have become increasingly international and companies across the world are moving from awareness to action in their approach to DEI. 

“At a time when we’re seeing long overdue, global momentum for companies to become more representative of their communities, MCCA is thrilled to partner with Nokia to expand our survey work internationally,” said Wanji Walcott, MCCA’s Board Chair and Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer & General Counsel at Discover Financial Services. “Moving from making commitments to following through on them is absolutely crucial to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion, and we know that with the right data in hand, counsels’ offices worldwide can help their companies successfully transition from making pledges to taking action.” 


How can my firm participate in the Global Law Firm Diversity Survey?

The 2022 Global Law Firm Diversity Survey is NOW CLOSED. The 2023 Survey is expected to open in February 2023.

Please submit the primary points of contact (POC) for the Global Law Firm Diversity Survey who should receive the survey link HERE.

A minimum of two POCs are required.

To ensure you receive the survey link, please add MCCA@us.confirmit.com to your Safe Senders List.

Note: To submit points of contact for other MCCA surveys, please follow the links below:
How to save a copy of my firm’s submission?
  1. Use your survey link to access the survey.
  2. Click through the survey from the first page to near the end of the survey. There will be a page that allows for you to view all of your responses on one screen. The title of the screen will be “You may print your answers from this screen.”
  3. Hit CTRL and P on your keyboard to print or save a PDF copy.
  4. After you have printed or saved a copy, click the “>>” at the bottom of the screen to re-submit.
  5. You will know that you have successfully submitted once you get re-directed to MCCA’s website. Please refrain from changing any information as you click through each page.
Is this the same Survey as the U.S. Law Firm Diversity Survey?

No. The Global Law Firm Diversity Survey collects data from the following different global regions: Canada, United Kingdom/Europe, Africa, Middle East, Central & South America, and/or Asia. Although similar to the U.S. Survey, the Global Survey is shorter.

Who can participate in the Global Law Firm Diversity Survey?

Law firms who have an office location in Canada, United Kingdom/Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Central & South America, and/or Asia may participate in the Global Survey. A law firm does NOT need to be an MCCA member or have a U.S. office to participate.  

Is there a fee to participate?

No. All law firms with offices in Canada, United Kingdom/Europe, Africa, Middle East, Central & South America, and/or Asia are encouraged to participate.

Is this a new Survey?

Yes. This is the first year the Global Law Firm Diversity Survey is administered, however, the Global Survey draws on the success of MCCA’s annual U.S. Law Firm Diversity Survey which has been administered for the past 19 years.

What if I cannot answer a question due to privacy laws in my country?

To the extent you are restricted from asking or providing any information that is set out in the Survey, please answer the questions to the best of your ability, respecting the applicable laws and policies. In such case, please indicate the restrictions in your reply. You may use the comment boxes under the tables to explain the absence of data (for example, if the firm does not track data for a particular demographic category or there is a restriction that does not allow the firm to share the information requested). We encourage you to answer all your questions.

When is the Global Survey due?

Firms will be given at least four weeks to complete the Survey once it opens again in 2023. For more information please contact qhoang@rockresearch.com.

Where can I receive a word or pdf copy of the Global Survey?

The first webpage of your unique Global Survey link will have a word and pdf version that you may download directly. Please submit your points of contact HERE so they receive the Global Survey link if you have not already.

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