Employers in 2022 Were Torn on When to Pipe Up on Social Issues

Jean Lee, CEO of Minority Counsel Association: “I cannot imagine any major public company GC putting out their personal opinions on social media about any of these political issues, because of the fact that people take one thing and blow it out of context.”

Why Is There a Chronic Lack of Diversity in the Legal Profession?

The legal profession is one of the least diverse professions in the United States, according to a survey put out by the Minority Corporate Counsel Association. Women are entering law school at about the same rate as men, and they are entering the practice of law at...

Law firms struggle with their own Rooney rule on diversity

After examining the Harvard study and its own data, the Minority Corporate Counsel Association, which promotes diversity in law firms and corporate legal counsel offices, concluded “the Mansfield rule certification does not have a direct or noticeable impact on...

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