General Counsel Share Their Side of the Diversity Hiring Story

Seth Krauss, chief legal officer at Endeavor and a Minority Corporate Counsel Association board member, is among the few in-house leaders who sought to speak with Prophete after reading one of his op-eds. He called Prophete and invited him to lunch.

Minority Atty Group Honors Genentech For Diversity Efforts

The Minority Corporate Counsel Association announced Friday that American biotech company Genentech which is part of the multinational Roche Group, is its 2020 Employer of Choice, citing the company’s use of data to hold leaders accountable for meeting diversity...

CIBC appoints Interac’s Lawal as CLO

A recent survey by the Minority Corporate Counsel Association found record numbers of women and members of minority racial and ethnic groups among the ranks of general counsel at Fortune 1000 companies in 2019.

General counsel diversity progress is mixed, survey finds

The Minority Corporate Counsel Association (MCCA) finds that 29 percent of general counsel at Fortune 1000 companies were women last year, compared to just 12 percent in 2004. The 2019 total is an increase of 25 women, or 9.4 percent, from 2018.

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