Tamira Chapman

Tamira Chapman

Corporate Counsel

Ford Motor Company

Tamira Chapman is a life-long entrepreneur. Tamira’s accomplishments include: establishing an online retail business that achieved #1 in market share, pioneering Ford Motor Company’s health care and global social media compliance marketing strategies, and representing globally-recognized companies and entertainers as an attorney.

She earned a Juris Doctor degree from Wayne State University and practiced law as an associate attorney at Miller, Canfield, Paddock and Stone in Detroit. During her tenure, she negotiated software and data licensing, distribution, and technology agreements with several Fortune 50 companies, worked on high-profile intellectual property cases, and represented many well-known public figures.

Tamira joined Ford Motor Company, where she successfully took on several entrepreneurial roles ensuring innovation. Tamira managed Ford’s worldwide employee benefits strategies, provided legal counsel for benefit plans for employees and members, and developed Ford’s HIPAA compliance program. Tamira also assisted in developing and directing Ford’s comprehensive global social media compliance strategy throughout North America, Europe, and China.

She has made a commitment to improve communities and grow organizations through fundraising efforts. Tamira developed a rapidly expanding subscription box and fundraising-as-a-service company that enables organizations to generate an additional revenue stream with turnkey fundraising solutions. In 18 months, the business entered licensing deals with some of the world’s largest and most renowned brands and secured tens of thousands of online subscriptions to ensure sustained fundraising for licensed partners.

Tamira also helps other entrepreneurs bring their business ideas to life and enjoys participating in the revitalization of Downtown Detroit with her family.

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