Executive Vice President and General Counsel
MetLife, Inc.

James L. Lipscomb has been appointed executive vice presi-dent and general counsel of MetLife, Inc. Lipscomb joined MetLife as an attorney in 1972, eventually becoming vice president and associate general counsel in 1987 after a series of promotions.

His most recent position was senior vice president and deputy general counsel of Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. Prior to that, he was president and CEO of MetLife subsidiary, Conning Corporation. He also worked as head of corporate planning and strategy, a member of MetLife’s Strategic Research Group, and headed up MetLife’s mortgage portfolio in the Real Estate Investments Department.

Lipscomb earned a B.A. from Howard University in 1969, a J.D. from Columbia University Law School in 1972 and an L.L.M. (Corporations) degree from New York University in 1977.

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