Case Study 03 – BARCLAYS

 The Minority Corporate Counsel Association (MCCA) in partnership with Paul Hastings is proud to present the third and final case study: Case Study 03—Barclays. In these case studies, we look to closely examine how corporations and their leaders are redefining and changing culture in their organizations. We examined three different industries across the country.

The third case study looks at Barclays. From launching The Gender Intelligence (GQ) initiative, Diversity & Inclusion Consortium and Bring Your Whole Self to Work, Barclays’ legal department has shown how being inclusive and supportive of its people fosters greater collaboration. Their story represents how powerful conversations lead to meaningful collaboration, and ultimately action so that the people of Barclays are working to make those cultural changes together. What we have learned from Barclays’ legal department is that when leaders focus on inclusion and take the time to truly engage with their people’s needs and concerns, these moments can become powerful catalysts of change that ripple through the entire organization, producing meaningful cultural changes.

We are delighted to present the last of the three case studies on creating an inclusive culture in legal teams and look forward to sharing more insights with you.

Special thank you to Paul Hastings for your partnership and to Barclays for your transparency throughout the whole process.

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