Godwin Gruber LLP (Dallas, TX)

Godwin Gruber LLP (Dallas, TX)

2004 Sager Award Winner

South/Southwest Region

G. Michael Gruber
G. Michael Gruber

At Godwin Gruber LLP, the commitment to inclusiveness is not only a business imperative, but also a crucial and effective component of the firm's business strategy.

Managing Partner G. Michael Gruber says that diversity was a natural outgrowth of the firm's recruiting strategy: "We went out to hire the best lawyers, and ended up with a highly diverse firm."

In its June 2003 study of the 25 largest Texas law firms, Texas Lawyer magazine highlighted Godwin Gruber's double-digit minority representation-14 percent-at the partnership level. Among the firm's partners, 16 percent are minorities and 19 percent are women. Of the equity partners, 28 percent are minorities and 17 percent are women. Overall, 19 percent of Godwin Gruber attorneys are minorities and 30 percent are women. In 2003, 22 percent of the newly hired attorneys were minorities and 30 percent were women.

From the firm's inception in 1980, its founders resolved to staff the firm with bright, ambitious, passionate attorneys to reflect its diverse client base, which ranges from huge global corporations to successful individuals and entrepreneurs. Because the firm hires the best people, it is confident in its capacity and experience to swiftly respond to virtually any serious business problem.

Linda Willet, G. Michael Gruber, Veta Richardson
(L to R): Linda Willet, Bristol Myers-Squibb; G. Michael Gruber, Godwin Gruber LLP; and Veta Richardson, MCCA

Attorneys at Godwin Gruber are encouraged to participate in bar-related and civic activities, both for their professional development and personal success. The firm believes that through these activities, it can achieve a greater understanding of the community that it serves, and in turn provide even greater service.

Godwin Gruber is firmly committed to the professional and personal development of each of its attorneys. The firm realizes that nurturing all of its young lawyers not only enhances its retention rate, but strengthens its recruiting efforts as well. Firm-wide diversity initiatives include a mentorship program that pairs attorneys with two seasoned veterans-a supervising partner and a mentoring partner. As part of the associates' continued professional development, each associate is invited to a luncheon with members of the seven-person executive committee. Godwin Gruber also supports a variety of community initiatives, among them, the Texas Minority Counsel Program (TMCP)-a program that was co-founded by one of the firm's partners.

"Diversity and success are never mutually exclusive," says G. Michael Gruber. "The two concepts will always be connected by the strongest bond of all-quality people."

From the November/December 2004 issue of Diversity & The Bar®

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