Bryan Webster

Bryan Webster

Senior Product Counsel

eBay Inc.

Having left Texas for college and after earning a degree in Electrical Engineering from Syracuse University, Bryan Webster landed a position with the United States Patent & Trademark Office. As a patent examiner, Bryan focused on applications in the digital communications art.

A few years into his tenure as a patent examiner, Bryan attended night school at Catholic University Law School, and graduated with a JD in 2001.

Bryan was recruited by and joined the internationally-recognized law firm Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP, drafting and prosecuting patent applications in the mechanical and electrical arts. There, Bryan started to develop a “nose for innovation”, working with inventors to identify and analyze ideas and features.

By 2003, Bryan was ready to expand his practice, joining Arnold & Porter as an associate working in all aspects of intellectual property and technology. Adding to his patent experience, Bryan worked in intellectual property litigation, licensing, and patent development. He continued this training with McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP, in Washington, D.C.

Bryan was recruited by and joined Microsoft in 2008, moving across the country to Redmond, Washington. As a Senior Attorney in Microsoft’s Intellectual Property Group, Bryan partnered most closely with the Windows Application business. He become a trusted member of the in-house legal team, developing Microsoft’s patent portfolio and counseling their tech leaders on technology strategy. Bryan managed all aspects of the portfolio, including competitor analysis and claim charts. Bryan also worked to develop a strong strategy on patent licensing, including the development of internal innovation programs, both in the US and internationally. Bryan worked to develop and expand Microsoft’s diversity and inclusion efforts, leading the Black lawyers at Microsoft ERG. He was involved in diversity and inclusion at both the legal and corporate levels, for which he recognized with several awards.

While in Washington State, Bryan actively supported the local community, serving as a member of the Board of the Associates Board with the ArtsFund and the Board of Directors of the Artist Trust. Given his commitment to education and his knack for inspiring young people, Bryan served as Mentor for the Community Development and Entrepreneurship Clinic at Seattle University. Bryan acted as a legal advisor to the law students and the small business owners who were coming to the Client for advice.

Given Bryan’s passion for innovation and his interest in learning, Bryan joined eBay in 2017, as a Senior Product Counsel. Bryan takes point in advising multiple product, technology, and business leaders on global user experience projects. For example, on any given day, Bryan might advise on ways to simplify the flow for someone to donate to charity on eBay, how to handle a user’s personal information under US and EU law, and how to structure eBay’s APIs. Bryan manages all aspects of the eBay user agreement, liaising across multiple stakeholders. Bryan has led the legal advice for multiple team including Identity, Charity, API, Artificial Intelligence, Personalization, International, Security, and Mobile.

In the past few years, Bryan has invested heavily in his professional and personal communities, actively volunteering for and participating in the eBay Diversity Committee, Blacks at eBay Community of Inclusion, The Law in Technology Diversity Collaborative, and First AME Church, Oakland. On top of his “day job” has served as a mentor and training manager for multiple student interns, working to expand our diversity and inclusion efforts.

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